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The House of Hello is a generator and incubator of theatrical and cabaret shows designed to fit your space or event, avant-garde conceptual and performance art pieces, theater education programs for children and adults, and individual instruction in voice, performance, and production.


The House of Hello began on a tiny porch in Olympia, WA on December 2, 2009, when Christina Collins and Josh Anderson, noting the abundance of holiday-themed shows in the area, decided they could probably do a holiday show too, but even better, they could do it at a bar. Twenty-one days later, they presented the very first iteration of Saul Tannenbaum’s Claus for Celebration to a standing-room-only crowd. Since then, they’ve written, arranged, performed in, and produced nearly 20 shows, from fully scripted-and-scored productions (also known in some circles as “original musicals”) to themed cabaret nights at whatever dive will have them.


Productions under the House of Hello/Oh Hello Productions banner have encompassed events ranging from private parties to headlining the mainstage at Pride festivals and every conceivable thing in between. Shows and performances can be tailored to your event on relatively short notice. We’re always available for commissioned work (including writing songs, jokes, and speeches). We’re also always on the lookout for new people to work with!  If you’re interested in singing, schlepping, or shilling for and with us, let us know!


To contact The House of Hello about any old thing, please feel free to email us. Say whatever you want, unless it’s something dumb (if it’s dumb, make it funny).

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